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A Xonotic Preview Release Comes For Christmas

In March of this year Nexuiz was forked as Xonotic following some disagreements among the Nexuiz developers and other contributors following the announcement of the Nexuiz commercial game. Since that point not too many details have emerged on Xonotic aside from it being said this new game would be a...

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GnuCash 2.4.0 Accountng Software Released

Besides gaming being one of the last strongholds for Microsoft Windows users from switching over to Linux (though this is beginning to change), accounting software is an area that is even in worse shape under Linux -- free software or not -- aside from the available web-based accounting solutions. GnuCash...

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Tutorial: Editing Batches of Photos Easily on Linux

Akkana Peck introduces David's Batch Processor, a Gimp plugin that makes editing big batches of photos a breeze. Resize them for the Web, make them lighter or darker, crop, rotate-- DBP does it all.

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Report: WordPress New Beta -- to Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

The nice people behind the popular WordPress blogging and publishing platform have released the 3.1 beta. Should you upgrade? Joe Brockmeier counsels caution.

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Sync and Speed in Latest Firefox 4 Beta

Better syncing, faster WebGL, and the simultaneous release of Firefox 4 beta for standard computers and mobile devices are the capstones to the latest update to Mozilla's next-generation Web browser.

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