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Sun Open Source Reborn in ForgeRock

Many questions remain about what Oracle will do with Sun's open-source programs, but at least one program, OpenSSO, will live on in a new company: ForgeRock. read more...
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FSF Launches Site for Free OpenOffice Extensions

The Free Software Foundation has announced that, because the standard distribution of OpenOffice includes some proprietary extensions, it has decided to maintain a list of free software extensions for the open source office suite...
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Shuttleworth: No Default GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 10.10

Mark Shuttleworth gave some broad indications of what to expect in future Ubuntu releases, in his role as SABDFL during a recent Q&A...
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Hell Freezes Over: Opera Mini on the iPhone

It seemed like they'd be ice skating in Hades before Apple would bless a real competitor to Safari on the iPhone, but Opera Mini has made its way into the App Store. Now that Opera has sailed past the gatekeepers, what's the verdict?
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R Programming Language Gets Commercial Makeover

With new commercial support and technology, the open source language used for running analytics on big data is set for an upgrade.
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