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Firefox 4 Release Pushed Back to Early 2011

We've been keeping a close eye on the betas for the newest version of Firefox, from the first beta that got us excited to the most recent iterations that keep on improving.

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Tutorial: Tracing Linux Problems With Strace

Strace is handy tool for performance testing and troubleshooting on Linux; in this article learn how to do some basic troubleshooting when your applications crash or refuse to start.

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Day 3 - Wednesday, the Longest Day of the Week (Live from UDS)


Gerry Carr is head of platform marketing at Canonical and is reporting directly from Ubuntu Developer Summit this week. We're hosting those exclusive reports here as a series of guest blogs. Here's the scoop on Day 3, apparently the longest day...

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Caught on Video: 2 Tools for Linux Screen-Session Recording

Do you ever marvel at those step-by-step how-to product demos of software apps that end-users post on places like YouTube? It is often easy to spot these demo videos shot with cellphone cams or PC eye cams placed over the user's shoulder. But two cool Linux apps give you a...

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Which Programming Languages Are on the Rise?

Peter Wayner from InfoWorld wrote a story yesterday about the "7 Programming Languages on the Rise". Noting that the "mainstream is broad and deep," he says that most enterprise developers need to know one of the predominant programming languages, which he identifies as Java, C#, or PHP.

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