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Talk Of Improving Qt's Multi-Threading Abilities

Sparked yesterday was a discussion among Qt developers about improving the tool-kit's multi-threading API...

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In Search of Linux's Greatest Moment

There's no denying that Linux has had a lot of great moments since the turn of the millennium, and Linux Girl has done her best to highlight each and every one of them -- at least over the past six or so of those years. Recently, however, the question was...

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Git Tips and Tricks

You only need a basic command of Git to make the source code management utility incredibly useful. But Git offers a range of commands and options that can make your workflow run even more smoothly. Here are a few Git tips and tricks to make this tool even greater than you already thought it was. 

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Control Your Linux PC With Voice Commands: Siri For Linux

James McClain has managed to get voice recognition working on Linux. You can now open sites, ask questions and perform other tasks just by voice.

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Sonar Project Wants to Bring Linux to Everyone

Linux should be the universal computing platform, and yet it isn't. The Sonar project aims to change that.

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