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How Would You like GNOME 2.32 on Fedora 15?

Some folks just aren't happy with GNOME 3. Some aren't happy with the whole concept while others think it just really needs more simmering. Regardless of where you might fall in that spectrum, there may be hope yet.

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Mozilla Pushes Out Final Firefox 5 Test Build

Mozilla plans to release the next small-fry iteration of its Firefox browser next week.…...

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Best Practices for Making Source Code Available Under the GPL

When you release code under the GNU General Public License (GPL), you undertake a specific set of obligations. Many of these obligations, such as providing a copyright notice and a copy of the GPL version you are using, are relatively simple.

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How to Build a Distributed Monitoring Solution with Nagios

With Nagios, the leading open source infrastructure monitoring application, you can monitor your whole enterprise by using a distributed monitoring scheme in which local slave instances of Nagios perform monitoring tasks and report the results back to a single master.

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Instant Messaging in the Enterprise with Openfire

Used responsibly, instant messaging (IM) offers the benefit of instant communication and collaboration on the corporate intranet. However, many companies, fearing IM’s adverse affect on productivity, tweak their corporate firewalls to block all ports ferrying IM traffic.

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