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OpenSSH 6.7 Released With Significant Improvements

OpenSSH 6.7 has been released this morning with a number of new features...

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Open Source's "Shallow Bugs" Theory Hasn't Been Shellshocked

Tech Republic: While open source isn't a panacea for security problems, it's a far better process for dealing with them once discovered. 

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Fedora Might End Up Disabling Delta RPMs By Default

Going back to 2009 with Fedora 11 has been delta RPM support to enable support with Yum for these packages that just contain the differences between one installed RPM version to the next version. With Fedora frequently pushing down new packages, delta RPMs have allowed those in bandwidth-constrained environments to...

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How GNOME 3.14 is Winning Back Disillusioned Linux Users

After arguably losing its way around GNOME 3.0, GNOME is back with a vengeance.

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Hamburg Could Be the Next Major City After Munich to Ditch Windows and Microsoft Products

After Munich, which already made the move to Linux, Hamburg could be the next big city in Germany to do the same thing.

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