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Kolab Enterprise 14 Released

Kolab Systems has announced the release of Kolab Enterprise 14, the latest version of their open-source groupware solution for email, calendar, contacts, tasks, file storage, data sharing, and other tasks...

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Distribution Release: Tiny Core Linux 6.0 "piCore"

Béla Markus has announced the release of version 6.0 of Tiny Core Linux "piCore" edition, a minimalist distribution designed for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer: 

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University’s Virtual Reality Setup Runs on Linux and Open Source Software

VuePod is a 3D immersive virtual environment that runs Ubuntu Linux 13.04 and costs about a tenth of what similiar setups might run.

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OS X Beats Windows and Linux in One Unexpected Area – Retro Gaming

It’s all next-gen these days. Next-gen graphics and controllers, next-gen screens, next-gen distribution platforms... DLC?! The days of hardcore gaming are, unfortunately, behind us. For those who’ve witnessed the evolution of console games first-hand - and I’m talking Tetris to Destiny - what’s happening right now is a joke. Everything...

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Secret to Desktop Linux Adoption

If Linux is to see greater desktop adoption, one group of tech savvy individuals needs to take the lead.

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