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Whatever Happened to OOXML?

Remember Office Open XML – a name chosen to be as confusingly close to OpenOffice XML as possible – better known as OOXML?
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Mozilla ponders policy change after Firefox extension battle

One of the greatest strengths of the Firefox Web browser is its powerful extension system, which gives third-party developers the ability to expand the browser's capabilities. Although this extensibility delivers a lot of value to Firefox users, it also creates some thorny problems.
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Can Konqueror Compete? A Look at KDE’s Browser

With Firefox marketshare now above 20% and rising fast, can the KDE Project's browser, Konqueror, compete? Recently I started running KDE 4.2.2 and decided to use Konqueror in place of my default browser — Firefox. Let's see how Konqueror stacks up.
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If You Love Your Desktop, Buy A GNOME

Financial troubles are an ever more common reality as the economic climate continues to venture through the monsoon season, and not-for-profit organizations are no exception. Such appears to be the case for the GNOME Foundation, the forces behind the venerable GNOME desktop, as the organization'...
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Power Saving with Linux

Regardless of the state of the economy, price of electricity, or proximity to Earth Day, saving power is always a good idea. Recent advances in the kernel have brought energy-saving to a new level for Linux systems, enabling better control over power usage at the processor and on the motherboard. Other tools allow you to audit which applications wake up the processor unnecessarily, so you can tune your system accordingly.

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