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Getting Things Done with Linux To-Do List Programs

I've found that maintaining a proper to-do list consistently boosts my productivity. The challenge, however, is finding task management software that fits with my workflow.
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Four Firefox Annoyances to Fix for 4.0

Firefox is the perfect browser, right? Well, it's probably the best on the market -- but that doesn't mean that it's perfect. Firefox has several annoyances -- some large, some small -- that we'd like to see fixed for 4.0.
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Linux Distros Upbeat, Wary of Google's New Chrome OS

Google's new Linux OS is being greeted with both concern and optimism from existing players in the market.
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The Newest Linux: Chrome OS

Google has announced the next battle in the war for operating system dominance has begun. And Linux will be their weapon of choice.

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Google Chromium Gains Native Theming Support on Linux

Chromium, the open source development version of Google's Chrome web browser, recently gained support for native theming on the Linux platform.
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