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Underwhelmed by Wave: Google’s Wave Falls Short

After chomping at the bit to get a Google Wave invite, the reality leaves a bit to be desired. While Wave has some interesting features and a slightly new take on collaboration, the current implementation has little to offer beyond what you'll already find in tools like EtherPad and Google Docs.
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First Look At Google's Chrome Browser Within The Chrome OS

Rumors regarding what form Google's Chrome operating system may take have been popping up thick and fast ever since the Linux-based OS was announced back in July, but now the first legitimate hints as to what the user interface may look like have surfaced.

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Kdenlive Meets Studio Dave

Over the past few months I've been drifting into the world of Linux video applications and development. I've already written a review of the LiVES video editor, and I've made occasional reference to the Kino editor. Recently a reader asked if I'd tried a recent version of Kdenlive.
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Five Ways the Linux Desktop Shoots Itself in the Foot

I love the Linux desktop, but facts are facts. Linux only holds a niche of the greater desktop market. Part of the reason is Microsoft's monopoly, but it's not just the Evil Empire that's kept Linux down, Linux has done a lot of self-damage.
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Next Firefox Can Detect Computer Orientation

In a new step to advance Web programming abilities, Mozilla's next Firefox will be able to detect how you're tipping your computer.
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