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Firefox Holds Its Own as Europe Goes On Vacation

Net Applications has finally published its browser market share numbers for July, and the results are surprising.
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Mozilla Shuts Firefox E-store After Security Breach

Mozilla closed its online store late Tuesday after finding out that the firm it hired to run the backend operations of its e-tailing business had suffered a security breach.
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KDE Community Delivers Incremental Innovations With New KDE 4.3 Release

The KDE Community today announces the immediate availability of "Caizen", (a.k.a KDE 4.3), bringing many improvements to the user experience and development platform. KDE 4.3 continues to refine the unique features brought in previous releases while bringing new innovations.

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Open Source, Open Research

Colleges and universities are as much about research as they are about the classroom experience, and just as open source software can provide cost savings, independence, and flexibility to educational institutions through courseware and recordkeeping, it can assist in the research process. Open source and open data standards play a role in collaboration, laboratory and literary scholarly research, publishing, and managing the overall research programs at institutions of higher learning.

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GNOME Decides to Ditch Drawings

One of the most striking features of any desktop environment is its selection of icons. While wallpapers and window decorations hold a larger stage, it is the bright, colorful icons that draw ones attention and speed up the process of finding what one is looking for.
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