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Canonical and MuleSoft Partner to Improve Tomcat Packaging

Middleware specialist MuleSoft, formerly Mulesource, has announced that it has partnered with Ubuntu sponsor Canonical to improve the Apache Tomcat package for Ubuntu and Debian...
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Amarok Is Easy OSS Listening

Linux provides more than one way to listen to music collections. The bare-bones solution is to click...
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6 of the Best Free Linux HDR Imaging Software

High dynamic range imaging (HDR) is an important technology for photographers. It is a collection of techniques that allow a wider dynamic range of luminances between the lightest and darkest areas of an image...

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Where's the Summer or Documentation?

If you ask what's missing from open source software, one of the top responses is often "documentation." While there's piles and piles of great code stuffed up on Google Code,, and others, the actual documentation to accompany it is often lacking...

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What Songbird's Flight Means for FOSS

If a canary's song serves as a warning to miners, what does a Songbird's flight say about FOSS? That w...
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