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Two Apps That Make Backup Less Chore, More Lifesaver

Backing up data on my multiple Linux computers has always been a gray area for me. The process of backing up data for me boiled down to convenience and cockiness. I thought my no-app backup procedure was a better option. That twisted view nearly resulted in a data disaster for...

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Open Source, Commercial Diverge in SugarCRM 6

Sugar CRM may have open source technology at its core, but with the latest release of its customer-relationship management platform offers two different interfaces for the commercial and community versions.

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The Diaspora Project: FOSS Community Builds a Better Mousetrap

When Facebook users started getting nervous about the social networking company's privacy missteps, the open source community did what it does best -- stepped up to build a better platform based on transparency and open source tools....

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GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 6.2 Adds New Capabilities

GroundWork Open Source has released version 6.2 of its flagship GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition system and network monitoring suite, adding several new capabilities and a new Java monitoring agent...

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Google's Android App Inventor: Help or Hindrance?

Google's new App Inventor for Android may be a dream come true for amateur programmers with big ideas for the next mobile app...

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