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Three Apps That Keep Linux Squeaky Clean

Have you cleaned up your Linux installation lately? On its face, that question might wrongly mark me as a Linux newbie, much like a Linux newcomer asking about antivirus and antimalware software.

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Apache Shindig 2.0 Looks to Boost OpenSocial

After passing a milestone with the release of version 2.0, Apache Shindig looks to expand developers' options using OpenSocial to build social Web apps.

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Tutorial: 4 Archiving Tools for Linux Server Admins

There are all kinds of fancy backup applications, from free to complicated and expensive. But it's still hard to beat the speed, simplicity, and flexibility of the old standbys.

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Alien Arena 2011 Is Coming Soon

We have just received an email from John Diamond, the lead developer of the open-source Alien Arena game, that the Alien Arena 2011 release will be coming this Fall (in North American terms) and we have been told some of the features to be found in this new version...

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Report: The Upcoming Linux Boom: 20 Reasons Why

In this article, Matt Hartley shares twenty reasons why he believes we will see Linux booming in a post-recession world.

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