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First Update for Visual Studio 2012

Developers will be pleased to receive the first update for Visual Studio 2012, which offers bug fixes as well as various new features. Further updates are due to follow at short, regular intervals.

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Netflix Open Sources Hystrix Resilience Library

Netflix's latest open source release is a Java library for distributed applications which helps increase the resilience of the connections between the components of that application. It also makes fallback behaviour more predictable.

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Second Beta of GNOME 3.8 Brings Global Search Configuration

The developers of the open source GNOME desktop have released GNOME 3.7.2, the second beta for GNOME 3.8 which drops fallback mode and introduces a new menu to configure search providers.

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KDE 4.10 Brings Better, Smarter Dolphin

With KDE 4.10 shaping up it's time to have a look at what's cooking in this file manager.

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Install Android MTP Support In KDE

A KDE developer, Àlex Fiestas, recently infromed me that he has added support for MTP devices to Dolphin. He used Philipp Schmidt’s MTP kioslave.

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