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Critical OpenSSL Patch Available. Patch Now!

The OpenSSL team released a critical security update today. The update patches 6 flaws. One of the flaws (CVE-2014-0195) may lead to arbitrary code execution. [1] All versions of OpenSSL are vulnerable to CVE-2014-0195, but this vulnerability only affects DTLS clients or servers (look for SSL VPNs... not so much HTTPS).

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Linux Mint Is Getting Its Own Apps Starting with the 18.x Branch

The Linux Mint project is about to get a lot more interesting because, with the 18.x branch, the developers are going to introduce the so-called X-Apps, which are designed to work across Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce.

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Open Source Plugin Aims to Defeat Link Rot

A new open source plugin designed to prevent the creation of dead content links online – so called "link rot" – has launched.  Amber has been designed by Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society ...

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BSD Release: OPNsense 16.1

OPNsense is a FreeBSD-based operating system for firewalls and routers that was originally forked from pfSense. The OPNsense project has released a new version, OPNsense 16.1...

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VoltDB Adds Geospatial Support, Cross-Site Replication

VoltDB, an in-memory column-oriented database system, is expanding its reach.

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