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Ubuntu Devs Are Talking Whether to Let Software Update Delete Old Kernels

One of the problems on Ubuntu platforms is that the Software Update tool doesn't remove the old kernels after an upgrade, but the Ubuntu devs are now talking whether their tool should be used to perform this kind of cleaning.

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Black Lab Linux KDE 6.0 Arrives with a Refreshing Desktop

Black Lab Linux, a distribution based on Kubuntu and that uses one of the latest KDE packages, has been upgraded for version 6.0 and is now available for download. Users might associate the name of Black Lab Linux with a GNOME desktop, but the developer also had a KDE edition...

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Linux vs. BSD: Which Should You Use?

MakeUseOf: Both operating systems are open source and Unix-like, so a lot of the same programs and utilities run on both of them.

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Linus Torvalds on Why He Isn’t Nice

On Friday in Australia—meaning Thursday in the United States, because, well, time zones—Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds ended a keynote presentation at a New Zealand open source conference by offering flip responses to questions about diversity, future projects, and his gruff attitude toward Linux developers. 

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GNOME Puts Out A Laptop Battery Testing Program

The newest GNOME application is for testing your laptop's battery power use under various scenarios...

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