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After an 18 Month Gap, Opera for Linux Returns With New Stable Release

The first stable release of Opera for Linux in 18 months is now available for download, but will be a shock to those used to its v12 release. 

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Ten Linux Freeware Apps to Feed Your Penguin

Much to the dismay of many a sysadmin, Linux is no longer purely the domain of Captain Command-Line and his trusty side-kick Admiral APT. For those looking to make the most of their new-fangled graphics-capable hardware, here’s a selection...

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Debian Gets Forked

Legendary Uber-distro splits over the systemd controversy.

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Linux Mint Project Releases Mint 17.1

New LTS version offers many refinements for the Cinnamon and Mate desktops and significant improvement under the hood.

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New Features in Git 2.2.0

The "Atlassian Developers" site has a summary of interesting features in the recent Git 2.2.0 release, including signed pushes. 

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