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Development release: Elive 2.6.8 (Beta)

The developers of Elive, a commercial distribution based on Debian which features the Enlightenment desktop, have released a new test release. 

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What It Takes Porting Qt Applications To Wayland

KDE KWin maintainer Martin Gräßlin held a session at this week's Akademy 2015 conference about porting applications to Wayland...

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Announcing the General Availability of Oracle Linux 6.7

We're happy to announce the general availability of Oracle Linux 6 Update 7, the seventh update release for Oracle Linux 6. 

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Open Source: Free as in Speech, Beer - or Puppy?

It's hard to give developers more control over how their work is used and still keep it open source.

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Canonical Says Ubuntu-Based Docker Images Are Not a Copyright Violation

Canonical said through the voice of Dustin Kirkland that you can use Ubuntu with Docker without violating any copyright policy, contradicting what Matthew Garrett said in a blog post just a week ago. Canonical recently changed its IP policy to comply fully with GPL3, putting an end to some discussion...

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