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Open Source Demonstrates the Future of Work

Evidence suggests that current models of work, in particular a 9-to-5 work week, are not only deleterious to workers' physical and mental health, but are also sub-optimally productive. 

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Big? GitHub Enterprise 2.5 Thinks Massive

GitHub is focusing on enterprises with the biggest dev teams to ward off challenges from GitLab and Bitbucket.

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LibreOffice 5.1 Officially Released with Redesigned User Interface, New Features

Today, February 10, The Document Foundation non-profit organization has proudly announced the release and immediate availability for download of the LibreOffice 5.1 open-source and cross-platform office suite for all supported platforms. 

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OpenSUSE Developers Tackle Redesigning YaST

For users of the rolling-release openSUSE Tumbleweed distribution, there has been a major rework of YaST taking place.

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First Timer’s Guide to FOSS Conferences

I’ve been going to FOSS (free and open source) conferences since 2006. My first open source conference was FreedomHEC in Seattle, a little 30-person conference for Linux users to protest Microsoft’s WinHEC. 

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