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Linux Lands on NSA Watch List

Visiting a popular Linux Website could make an individual a target of government scrutiny.

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ScreenFetch – An Ultimate System Information Generator for Linux

We mostly rely on integrated tools in Linux to get the system information in GUI, with little or no change with the change in Desktop Environment. A classic look of GUI System information tool on my Debian Jessie. When it comes to Command Line Interface, we have commands which shows...

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Open Source's Identity Crisis

For Karen Sandler, software freedom isn't simply a technical matter. Nor is it a purely ideological one. It's a matter of life and death. read more...

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Kernel Prepatch 3.16-rc4

Linus has released the 3.16-rc4 prepatch. "Things have calmed down nicely, and everything seems pretty normal."...

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Calligra 2.8.5 Released

The KDE Community has announced the release of Calligra 2.8.5. 

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