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Russ Allbery Leaves the Debian Technical Committee

Another resignation in the Debian camp: Russ Allbery has become the second member of the project's technical committee to leave that committee. "I think project governance is a hard problem, and a worthwhile problem, and I hope that someone with good ideas will step forward and work on that problem.

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Fog Heen: Resigning as a Debian Systemd Maintainer

Here are Tollef Fog Heen's comments following his resignation as one of the systemd maintainers in Debian. "I've been a DD for almost 14 years, I should be able to weather any storm, shouldn't I? It turns out that no, the mountain does get worn down by the rain. It's...

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Google Now Uses Clang As Their Production Compiler For Chrome Linux Builds

For just over one month Google's Chrome/Chromium team has been using Clang as their production compiler on Linux in place of GCC...

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Development Release: Porteus 3.1 RC2

Jay Flood has announced the availability of the second release candidate for Porteus 3.1, a set of small Slackware-based live CDs with a choice of KDE, LXQt, MATE and Xfce desktops.

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As Open Source Goes Mainstream, Institutions Collaborate Differently

TechRepublic: 18F has quietly become the bleeding edge of the US federal government's adoption of open source software.

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