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Helpful Tools for Software Developers

Coding is often just a small part of software development. There are lots of other tasks to attend to. Here are some tools to help with all aspects of the job.
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GPL Vs. Free Software Foundation

After my post about the GPL's day in court in France, a programmer friend noted he no longer used the GPL for anything, now that its instigator, the Free Software Foundation, has (in his view) gone off a cliff.
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LinuxCon: Community, Collaboration Key to HP's OSS Strategy

Addressing the LinuxCon attendees in his Wednesday keynote on "The Freedom to Collaborate," HP Open Source & Linux Chief Technologist Bdale Garbee announced the launch of a new HP-sponsored web portal for supporting non-commercial Linux distributions.
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Swine Flu: How the Open Source Community May Cope Well

As the swine flu threat continues across the nation and around the world, the open source community could potentially make it through any epidemics or pandemics better than other groups, especially those in formal, structured workplaces and schools.
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Moving Up The Rings

Many things have rings: mobile phones have incredibly annoying ones, jewelers have incredibly expensive ones, and Hell — at least according to Dante — has incredibly detailed ones.
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