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Linux Foundation Takes Training Online

In March, the ever-innovating Linux Foundation announced a new program aimed at bringing the brains behind Linux together with developers-to-be in order to supply the increasing need for Linux talent.
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Release Candidates for PHP 5.2.10 and PHP 5.3.0

The PHP developers have announced the availability of the second release candidate (RC) of PHP 5.2.10 and the third RC of PHP 5.3.0...
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Academic Source Code Dust-Up Symptom of CS Education Ills

When San Jose State University student Kyle Brady published the source code of his completed homework assignments after finishing a computer science class, his professor vigorously objected.
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New Release Model for MySQL

MySQL developers are rewriting their development model to make the process more dynamic, accessible, open and understandable...
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PythonGTK Programming part 3: Screensaver, Objects, and User Input

In the previous two installments of this series we learned how to create a simple, colorful screensaver in PythonGTK. Today Akkana Peck leads us into some key fundamental concepts of programming: objects, code re-use, and making our program respond to user input.

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