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The Adobe AIR File API

Typical browser applications cannot access the local filesystem. However, Adobe AIR applications can, giving those applications a distinct advantage. Learn how the AIR File API works and build an application that can read and write from a local disk.
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Creating a Bash Spinner

Do you know what this sequence of characters "/-\|/-\|" is for?
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socat: The General Bidirectional Pipe Handler

The socat command shuffles data between two locations. One way to think of socat is as the cat command which transfers data between two locations rather than from a file to standard output.
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2009 Linux Plumbers Conference Update

The deadline for proposal abstracts for the Linux Plumbers Conference is June 15th, so Paul McKenney has sent out an update on the various tracks and who is running them.
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Eclipse 3.5 RC4 Released

The Eclipse developers have announced the availability of the fourth and final release candidate for Eclipse 3.5...
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