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Forget Congress, It's Time for a Kongress

In the Linux world, the Holy Trinity of Linux conferences is undoubtedly made up of the three major international conventions: the Linux Symposium,, and the Linux Kongress.
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Introducing Three Python Web Frameworks

Take a quick look at three Web framework technologies from the Python community.
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Put Your Web Hits on the Map with libferris and XQuery

In this article, you will learn how to take the IP addresses and other information from an apache access.log file and see those IP addresses as place marks with Google Earth and Google Maps. We'll use XQuery to do this instead of Perl or your favorite scripting language.
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Sunspot: A Solr-Powered Search Engine for Ruby

Search can make or break your website. Sunspot and Solr give you an intuitive engine that maps directly to your Ruby objects.
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Open-source tip: Require less developer time to earn more of it

There is a couple living nearby who my wife and I try to avoid at all costs. It's not that we don't like them, it's just that they consume so much of our time. We know that saying "hi" is tantamount to opening a filibuster-proof, hour-long conversation...
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