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Certifying an Application to the LSB

The Linux Standard Base (LSB) aims to unify the Linux platform for software developers, and to make it easier for them to deploy and support those applications under more than one Linux distribution.
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What Languages are Linux Distro's and Applications Written in?

This article covers some basic languages and how they are implemented into the linux OS.
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Qt Opens Up to Contributions

Nokia-owned Qt Software has followed through on its promises to open up source code repositories for its Qt cross-platform GUI application framework. The company has invited developers to contribute to a web-based source code management system based on Git and Gitorious...
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Moonlight 2 preview shows promise, still needs work

The developers behind the Moonlight project, an open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight media framework, have released a preview of Moonlight 2.0. The new version of Moonlight introduces compatibility with critical Silverlight 2.0 features, such as widgets and support for managed code.
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Libferris and SQLite--A Powerful Combination, Part 2

Let's now turn our attention to doing the opposite: exposing libferris as a relation to SQLite. You might have some data in an XML file that you need to join with data stored in Berkeley db4 or an existing SQLite database. Your first thought might be to whip up a Perl script to bring the data together.
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