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Libferris and SQLite--A Powerful Combination, Part 2

Let's now turn our attention to doing the opposite: exposing libferris as a relation to SQLite. You might have some data in an XML file that you need to join with data stored in Berkeley db4 or an existing SQLite database. Your first thought might be to whip up a Perl script to bring the data together.
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Micro-Frameworks: Big Things in Small Packages

Are Rails, CakePHP, Django, and Catalys too big for your taste but you still want the benefits of DRY programming? Maybe it's time to get small with micro-frameworks.
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The Business of Open Source Development, Part 6

The itch you started scratching some time ago has taken you on a strange and exciting journey so far: you've polished your code, picked an open source license for it, released it to the community, and even devised some ways to earn some money from it. It may be earning you a little bit of suppl...
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SpringSource acquires Hyperic, takes on IBM and Microsoft

SpringSource announced today that it has acquired Hyperic, and with this acquisition has signaled a new phase of commercial open-source competition.
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Hey, Don't Dump. Debug!

Are the "Two Ps" (print statements and prayer) all that comprise your debugging strategy? It's time you were introduced to the Interactive Ruby Debugger.
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