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Libferris and SQLite--A Powerful Combination, Part 1

The libferris virtual filesystem allows you to mount things that are not normally thought of as filesystems. Examples include XML files, Berkeley db4 ISAM files, relational databases, system log files, as well as applications like Firefox, Evolution, XWindow, emacs, and Amarok.
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Architecture + Testing

SyncEvolution comes with a CPPUnit based test suite. The "client-test" test runner executes the tests, which consist of both traditional unit tests as well as integration tests. Compilation determines which tests are available. See the HACKING document for details. This page...
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PyMOTW: Multiprocessing, Part 2

As with threads, a common use pattern for multiple processes is to divide a job up among several workers to run in parallel. A simple way to do that with multiprocessing is to use Queues to pass messages back and forth. Any pickle-able object can pass through a multiprocessing Queue.
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Google Code to support Mercurial version control system

Google Code, the search giant's hosting service for open source software projects, is finally getting support for a distributed version control system. Google has announced that it will be supporting Mercurial alongside its existing support for Subversion.
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Choosing the Best Open Source Developer Tools for Linux

Linux development can take many forms, however, the tools we use by and large remain the same. Here we list some of the best open source development tools that Linux users should be looking at (if not using) today.
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