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WebKitGTK+ Hackfest Improves HTML Renderer for GNOME Apps

The open source WebKit HTML rendering engine is increasingly being used in Linux desktop applications to enable richer user interfaces that seamlessly integrate Web content.
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A Virtual Solution for Mobile Development

Who needs a Dell when you can have a VirtualBox?
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Software Development's Winners and Losers, 2009 Edition

The year that loved smartphones, scripting languages, the cloud, and open source was not always kind to developers...
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Linux 2.6.33-rc1 Released

So the merge window is closed, and -rc1 is out there now.
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10 Important Linux Developments Everyone Should Know About

The Linux technology, development model, and community have all been game-changing influences on the IT industry, and all we can really do is stand back and look at it all, happy to have been along for the ride for developerWorks' first 10 years.
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