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Ubuntu Backer Canonical Offers Bazaar Support

At the heart of every serious software development project is the use of some kind of version control code repository.
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Fedora Switching From CVS To Git

Package source control for Fedora has relied upon CVS since the inception of this Red Hat Linux distribution, but it's soon going to switch over to using Git instead.
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New Version of JavaScript Approved

After more than half a year in draft state, version 5 of the ECMAScript standard for JavaScript has been approved by the Ecma industry association...
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'Ubuntu Needs a Longer Release Schedule!'

Every six-month Ubuntu release is greeted with a predictable barrage of praise, complaints, and solemn pundits calling for a slower release schedule. Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, reveals the whys and wherefores of Ubuntu's two-pronged release strategy.
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Is Eclipse an Open Source Community or Trade Association?

Is the Eclipse Foundation a true open source community or simply a trade association? That's the issue a former Eclipse Foundation bigwig raised recently before being slapped down by Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich.
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