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Qt Gets Cuter: 4.6 Brings Expanded Platform Support

The Qt toolkit got a big update on Tuesday, with improved cross-platform compatibility.
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Got An App? Make It A PortableApp

Readers of this blog know I'm a fan of the suite of open source programs.
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CommonJS Effort Sets JavaScript on Path for World Domination

This has been a big year for JavaScript. New, fast engines have tested their legs. Libraries have matured. With the ECMAScript 5 draft proposal, the language is growing. However, the language remains largely in exile, to only be used in Web browsers.
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rPath Heaves Javelin at Red Hat

rPath is a little bit closer to its Project Javelin dreams.
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Eclipse Tells Ex-Community Director to 'Go Away'

Bjorn Freeman-Mason had become a thorn in the Eclipse Foundation's side, so Eclipse executive Mike Milinkovich very directly said, "You're a jerk. Go away."
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