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Google Opens Up its JavaScript Development Toolbox to All

Google is providing the web development community with an intriguing glimpse under the hood at some of the fundamental building blocks of the company's most popular web applications.
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DebConf10 Debian Conference Set for August in NYC

The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian GNU/Linux operating system, has established August 1-7, 2010, as the dates and venue for its next annual conference, DebConf10.
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Gentoo Optimizations Benchmarked

Gentoo is a source based distribution which lets the user decide how to optimize their system in many ways.
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An Introduction to Python Objects

In the world of computer languages, nothing speaks louder than who adopts its usage. The Python language hit a home run with Google adopting it for a high percentage of their internal and public (Google App Engine) projects.
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How To Kick Your Friends in the Face: GMA500

Over the past few years, any Linux developer you ask would quickly recommend buying computer hardware with an Intel chipset. When it comes to Linux support, especially in the mobile realm, Intel had the best support hands down.
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