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openSUSE-Medical Looking for Developers

The openSUSE-Medical distribution is an openSUSE sub-project aimed at doctors and medical staff and will include various open source software applications for medical use. The project is seeking developers and additional packagers.
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Creating a Continuous Integration Server for Java Projects Using Hudson

In a previous article we demonstrated how to setup a Linux server to use Maven, the primary Java build tool. Now we’ll look at how to use Hudson to provide continuous integration to your build environment..
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Linux Incorporated

Linux isn't for fan-boys anymore. It's for IT.
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The Gates Are Open For Little Blue - Early - Birds

This year's — which will, despite the name, be held in Wellington, New Zealand — is fast approaching. For those waiting to get in on the action up front, the time to act is now,...
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An Inside Look at the Ubuntu Release Cycle

In the Ubuntu world, we release a new version of Ubuntu every six months, and inside each Ubuntu release cycle we cram in a huge amount of work. Through the cycle there is a sync with Debian, a merge of our patches, six alpha releases, a beta, a release candidate and all the feature development, bug fixing and other work that goes into making our favorite Operating System.
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