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The project has announced that it will be switching to Mercurial as its source code management tool for the future development of its open source office suite...
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Ubuntu's Design Team: Make It Look Good, Run Better

On Tuesday afternoon I spoke with Ivanka Majic, leader of Canonical's design team for Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook Remix. She's spearheading the effort to make Ubuntu that much more appealing and useful -- to make it more of its "Linux for human beings" namesake.
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Swarm: Open Source Web App Scaling

A new open source project called Swarm bills itself as "a transparently scalable distributed programming language."
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Source Code Isn't A Standard

Savio Rodrigues just wrote about a colleague testing a bunch of browsers based on the open source WebKit rendering engine.
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The Open Source Initiative’s Corporate Status is Suspended

The ability of the Open Source Initiative to steward the Open Source Definition and police the use of the term open source as it relates to software is in doubt following the confirmation that the corporate status of the non-profit company has been suspended in California.
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