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Mark Shuttleworth's Radical Vision

Mark Shuttleworth delivered the closing keynote at this year's inaugural LinuxCon. He delivered an enticing vision of the future of Linux and Free software, with a catch-- it means breaking drastically from the old ways.
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New X.Org Release Process Has Been Reached

Last week we talked about a new X.Org release process proposal for improving the consistency and quality of X Server releases through taking a number of relatively simple steps.
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Will Friction Between Microsoft and Open-Source Community Cause Flames?

It's been a long, hot summer in the open-source world, particularly in the regions where open source and Microsoft butt up against each other.
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Give Away The Platform, Sell The Tools

Here is a radical suggestion to fund the development of newly-emergent open source OS platforms: Keep the platform and as much of the other software on it free. Sell the development tools.
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Creating a Maven-Based Development Environment on Linux

Maven is quickly becoming the de facto standard for Java project builds, as more developers realize its benefits and choose to migrate from Ant.
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