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Kernel Prepatch 4.0-rc3

The 4.0-rc3 prepatch is out. "Back on track with a Sunday afternoon release schedule, since there was nothing particularly odd going on this week, and no last-minute bugs that I knew of and wanted to get fixed holding things up."...

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From the Editors: You’ve Come a Long Way, Linux

SD Times: This year, the Who Writes Linux report from the Linux Foundation included some very interesting information about the success of Linux kernel contributor outreach programs.

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Linux Kernel 4.0 RC2 Released a Little Late Because of Apple Mac Mini Bug

Linus Torvalds announced that Linux kernel 4.0 RC2 has been released and is now ready for download and testing. It's a couple of days late to the party, but it's here. The kernel updates for the development branch are usually done on Sundays, but no such release was made. It...

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Understanding The Linux Kernel's BPF In-Kernel Virtual Machine

BPF continues marching forward as a universal, in-kernel virtual machine for the Linux kernel. The Berkeley Packet Filter was originally designed for network packet filtering but has since been extended as eBPF to support other non-network subsystems via the bpf syscall. Here's some more details on this in-kernel virtual machine...

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​No Reboot Patching Comes to Linux 4.0

With the new Linux 4.0 kernel, you'll need to reboot Linux less often than ever.

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