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Kernel Prepatch 3.13-rc4

The 3.13-rc4 prepatch is out, and Linus is getting a little grumpy. "So I delayed this a couple of days to get back to my normal Sunday release schedule, but I'm not entirely happy with the result. Things aren't calming down the way they should be, and -rc4 is bigger...

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Xen PVH Support Brought Back Up For The Linux Kernel

Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk at Oracle has re-posted the Xen PVH patches for the Linux kernel as he seeks to get support for para-virtualized hardware extensions into the Linux kernel...

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Linux, FreeBSD Add Extra Randomness to Intel, Via Hardware Crypto

In light of government attempts to subvert products and standards, both Linux and FreeBSD add extra entropy/randomness to the output of Intel's and Via's opaque hardware-based random number generators. Smart move.

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Btrfs Hands-on: Exploring the Error Recovery Features of the New Linux File System

Making things right when something goes wrong, and a summary of what I have seen and done in this series.

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Cook: Live Patching the Kernel

Over on his blog, kernel security developer Kees Cook has a description of live patching the kernel to disable the kexec system call in older kernels. The idea is to be able to turn off kexec without rebuilding the older kernels (future kernels may be able to use the proposed...

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