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The Best Features Of The Linux 3.10 Kernel

The Linux 3.10 kernel is slowly getting ready for release in the coming weeks. If you haven't been closely following Phoronix in the past few months of Linux 3.10 feature development, here's a brief overview of some of the best and most interesting features to be found in the next...

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New Stable Kernels

A new batch of stable kernel releases is available. Greg Kroah-Hartman has released 3.0.81, 3.4.48, and 3.9.5, each containing important fixes. Meanwhile, Luis Henriques has released and Kamal Mostafa has released, both from Canonical's extended stable tree.

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Power-Aware Scheduling Meets a Line in the Sand

As mobile and embedded processors get more complex — and more numerous — the interest in improving the power efficiency of the scheduler has increased. While a number of power-related scheduler patches exist, none seem all that close to merging into the mainline. Getting something upstream always looked like a...

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Kernel Prepatch 3.10-rc4

The fourth 3.10 prepatch is available for testing. "Anyway, rc4 is smaller than rc3 (yay!). But it could certainly be smaller still (boo!). There's the usual gaggle of driver fixes (drm, pinctrl, scsi target, fbdev, xen), but also filesystems (cifs, xfs, with small fixes to reiserfs and nfs)." Note that...

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Sharp: Linux Kernel Internships (OPW) Update

Sarah Sharp reports on the response to the availability of a set of Outreach Program for Women internships working on the Linux kernel. "As coordinator for the Linux kernel OPW project, I was really worried about whether applicants would be able to get patches into the kernel. Everyone knows that...

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