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Kernel prepatch 3.18-rc3

The third 3.18 prepatch is out there for testing. Linus complained that things aren't slowing down as he would like, but doesn't seem too worried.

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Systemd Gets PPPoE Support

The latest library added to systemd is for the Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet...

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Linux 3.16.y.z Extended Stable Support

The Ubuntu kernel team has announced that they will be providing extended support for the 3.16 kernel series. The team will pick up where Greg Kroah-Hartman left off, with 3.16.7, and will provide support until April 2016.

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Stable Kernels 3.17.2, 3.16.7, 3.14.23, and 3.10.59

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of four new stable kernels.

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Linux Kernel Finally Being Optimized For SSHDs

The Linux kernel is finally being optimized for use of solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs) that follow the ATA 3.2 standard...

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