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Linux 2.6.31-rc2 Released

It's out there. Larger than I'd like, but the bulk of the changes are due to some late arch updates (MIPS, and powerpc documentation).
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New Linux Patch Could Circumvent Microsoft's FAT Patents

Microsoft's recent lawsuit against TomTom, alleging infringement of filesystem patents, has left many questions unanswered about the legal implications of distributing open source implementations of Microsoft's FAT filesystem.
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Compiler Project Aims to Help Enterprise IT

As the world economy began tanking last fall, a small group of open source developers decided to get together to try to build a better mousetrap--in this case by using a more efficient compiler.
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Linux 2.6.31-rc1 Released

We've had the regular two-week (and one day) merge window, and -rc1 is out, and the merge window is closed.
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Linux Released

I'm announcing the release of the kernel. All users of the 2.6.29 kernel series are very strongly encouraged to upgrade.

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