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Inside NGINX: How We Designed for Performance & Scale

The folks behind the NGINX web server have put up a highly self-congratulatory article on how the system was designed. "NGINX scales very well to support hundreds of thousands of connections per worker process. Each new connection creates another file descriptor and consumes a small amount of additional memory in...

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BFQ Is One Step Closer To Being Merged Into The Linux Kernel

For years the BFQ I/O scheduler has been trying to get in the mainline kernel and it looks like they have an action plan for getting accepted upstream...

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Linux 4.1-rc7 Kernel Officially Released

Another Sunday, another Linux kernel update. Linus Torvalds just tagged the Linux 4.1-rc7 kernel release...

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Linux 4.1 Offers Potentially Dazzling Performance

Besides presenting a lot of new kernel features and functionality, the upcoming Linux 4.1 kernel release is potentially very exciting if you're an owner of certain classes of Intel hardware that offer better performance under this new kernel -- and in some cases, better battery life. Here's some tests from...

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Linux 4.1 Will Be An LTS Kernel Release

The upcoming Linux 4.1 kernel release will be supported for the long-haul by the Linux Foundation's LTSI project...

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