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Linux 4.1 Has Improvements For The Multi-Queue Block Layer

The latest good stuff for the Linux 4.1 kernel are the block core improvements, which mostly are focused on improving the multi-block block layer (blk-mq)...

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Linux 4.1: Full DynTicks For KVM Guests To Become Possible

While full DynTicks support has been part of the mainline Linux kernel for quite a while, it's now become possible to use it with KVM guest virtual machines...

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Live-Patching Doesn't Change Much In Linux 4.1

The live kernel patching support was one of the big additions to what became Linux 4.0, but with Linux 4.1 there aren't many improvements to show for the past cycle...

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Linux Kernel 3.19.4 Brings ARM64, PowerPC, Sound and WiFi Improvements

After yesterday's announcement for Linux kernel 4.0, Greg Kroah-Hartman announced today, April 13, the immediate availability for download of the fourth maintenance release of Linux 3.19 kernel, along with new point releases for the LTS (Long Term Support) Linux kernels 3.14 and 3.10. According to the appended shortlog, Linux ke...

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Linux 4.1 Will Improve AMD Bulldozer's ASLR Entropy Issue

The Linux 4.1 kernel will improve AMD's ASLR workaround for Bulldozer processors in order to increase randomization...

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