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Torvalds Warns Linux Is Getting Bloated

Linux creator says his job has gotten easier as development process has improved but more work needs to be done to improve Linux and reduce bloat.
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Linux And The 'B' Word: Bloat

If Linus Torvalds himself is saying that the Linux kernel is bloated, something's wrong. Or is it just a matter of expectations and perspective?
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LinuxCon Roundtable: Kernel's Future Still Bright

An all-star line-up of Linux kernel developers met with a packed room of Linux users and developers this afternoon at LinuxCon, to give their take on what's right--and what's wrong--with the Linux kernel today.

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Linux 2.6.31's Best Five Features

The latest edition of Linux is much better for desktop Linux users.
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Linux 2.6.31 Released

Ok, there's just a few final commits since -rc9 to fix a couple of last regressions and problems, and now the final 2.6.31 is out there.
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