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Linux Kernel Development Speeds Up

New Linux Foundation report finds that the pace of new code in the open source operating system is growing faster.
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Fixing Linux

An ancient problem in the gcc compiler has lead to a security hole in essentially every modern version of Linux. But, the fixes are already out. Here's what you need to know. read more...
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40 Years of Unix

The computer world is notorious for its obsession with what is new - largely thanks to the relentless engine of Moore's Law that endlessly presents programmers with more powerful machines.

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Who's Behind That Kernel You're Using?

Way back in April 2008, the Linux Foundation published a little report that upended a lot of perceptions about Linux development. Now, they've done it again.
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Linux Dev Community Growing, 5 Patches Accepted Every Hour

A report published today by the Linux Foundation provides insight into the state of the Linux kernel development community and includes statistics that reveal which companies are the most prolific contributors.
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