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Updating GRUB After Installation of a New Linux Distribution or Kernel

Have you just compiled a new kernel image? Installed a new Linux distribution? Before you can boot to the new distribution or kernel, you must make an entry for it in the GRUB configuration file.
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Kernel prepatch 2.6.30-rc7

"So go wild. I suspect I'll do an -rc8, but we're definitely getting closer to release-time..."
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Filesystems: Data Preservation, fsync, and Benchmarks Pt. 1

The potential data loss issue on system crash when running the ext4 filesystem has recently received wide coverage. Many users expressed the opinion that ext4 should not be more prone to losing data on system crash than ext3 was.

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Kernel prepatch 2.6.30-rc6

  The 2.6.30-rc6 prepatch is out. "Things definitely are calming down, with just about 300 commits in the last week. And most of them are pretty small too, although the powerpc updates brought some defconfig changes that look largish."
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Churning Butter(FS): An Interview with Chris Mason

The founder of btrfs talks about features, terabyte raid arrays and comparisons with ZFS.
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