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Looking At Building The Linux Kernel With -O3 Optimizations

A Linux user has started an LKML discussion over compiling the kernel with -O3 for driving performance improvements out of a more-optimized kernel binary...

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Microsoft Admits It's Been Using a Modified Linux Kernel for Years

Microsoft made a surprising announcement yesterday when they said that they would increase their contributions to the Linux kernel. The company admitted that it's been using a heavily modified Linux kernel for years, although it's a very old version. It's common knowledge that Microsoft is a contributor to the Linux...

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Initial Intel Braxton Support Might Come To Linux 4.1

Daniel Vetter of Intel today sent in more code for DRM-Next that in turn will be merged for the Linux 4.1 kernel. It was also signaled that the initial hardware enablement of the graphics processor on Intel's upcoming "Braxton" SoC might happen for this next version of the Linux kernel...

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Systemd Developers Did NOT Fork The Linux Kernel

Various Phoronix readers have written in this weekend and commented in the forums and elsewhere that systemd developers forked the Linux kernel. This is not the case...

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Linux Kernel 3.14.37 Is Now the Most Advanced LTS Version Available

The latest version of the stable Linux kernel, 3.14.37, has been released by Greg Kroah-Hartman, making this the most advanced long-term support version available for download. LTS status for a Linux kernel version means that it gets updated for a long time, which in turn makes it ideal to implement...

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