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Cafu 3D Graphics Engine Goes GPL

Carsten Fuchs Software has open sourced its Cafu 3D graphics engine and game development kit, formerly known as the Ca3D-Engine...
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Nvidia Optimus Allows Easy Graphics Switching

Switching from integrated to discrete laptop graphics usually meant a reboot. Most people never bothered. So Nvidia did something about it.
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'Avatar' Oscars could make Weta household name

When Oscar nominations are announced Tuesday, Weta Digital will surely get a nod for "Avatar" visual effects. Unfamiliar to many, the studio has been on top for years.
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Oracle and Apple: This Week's Big Tech News and What it Means for Linux

The tech industry is jumping this week. On the consumer side, Apple finally took the wraps off the poorly named but interesting iPad. On the enterprise side, Oracle finally had the chance to lay claim to Sun and spell out what it's planning to do with the spoils.

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Hands On: Boxee Beta is Brilliant, Still Not Quite Stable

Ars takes a hands-on look at the latest beta release of Boxee, a popular media center application that is ideal for HTPCs.

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