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Software Company Autodesk Is Launching Its Own Game Engine

If you play video games, you've probably seen the effects of Autodesk's work. Autodesk owns the Maya and 3ds Max modeling software, the Scaleform rendering engine, and a variety of animation and texture-making tools. But the meat of the game will (usually) be made in an engine like Unity or...

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Steam On Linux Continues Climbing Past 1,300 Games

With new games seeming to come over to Linux every day courtesy of Steam -- such as this week's Star Wars port -- we're now well past 1,300 games available for SteamOS/Linux...

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The Business and Artistry of High-End Creative Works in Linux

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make high-quality original movies with free software? It's not just writing code or playing with cool software; but much more than that.

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'Software Wars' the Movie: A Message to the Masses

There is a war for freedom going on that will determine the path of modern society.

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New Obstacle for Open Source on Windows 8

Microsoft has announced that, in future, the free of charge version of Visual Studio will only be able to create Metro-style applications. This significantly increases the barrier to entry for open source and freeware developers on Windows...

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