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The LiVES Video Editor and VJ Tool Turns 1.0

LiVES is a video editing and VJ tool for Linux and BSD systems and today it celebrates its version 1.0 birthday.
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Kdenlive: A Video Editor in the Spotlight

Linux distributions strive to include all the useful applications that users will need, but a quality video editor has been lacking for quite some time. Now with KDE4 getting better and better, could an application like Kdenlive fill that gap?
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Multimedia in Linux - Video and Audio Players

With Linux making huge strides on desktops, the biggest proof is in the media capabilities of Linux. With a couple of applications, your Linux box can now play any media format you throw at it. And with MythTV, you can convert your computer into a Tivo.

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2009: Visions of the Future

Since 2006, developers and supporters of free software graphics applications have met annually for Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM), a conference and workshop where they can exchange ideas, catch up on recent advances, and collaborate on new technologies.

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Making A Personal Movie DVD Backup on Linux

Linux has many ways to make a personal DVD backup if you are comfortable using command line tools. If however you would rather use a graphical interface, there are three main contenders - K9Copy, AcidRip, and DVD::RIP.
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