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Novm Is A KVM-Based Linux Hypervisor Written In Go

The latest interesting open-source project written in Google's Go programming language is called Novm. Novm is a legacy-free, type-2 hypervisor...

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Office for Android Tablets Preview Available to All Comers

All Android users can now download Office on Android apps, provided that their devices are up to snuff.

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A Look Inside A Live Linux Kernel

The IT industry (and hopefully the business community too) now shares a wider awareness of terms like patching, peer review, code integrity and the wider realms of software application development lifecycle management.

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How GitHub Uses GitHub to Document GitHub

GitHub blog: We've talked before about how we use GitHub to build GitHub; here's a look at how we useGitHub Pages to serve our GitHub Help documentation to millions of readers each month.

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North Korea's Red Star Linux OS: Made in Apple's Image?

Red Star OS, the open source operating system from North Korea that is based on Linux and the KDE desktop environment, has started looking more like Apple's OS X.

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More Fedora 22 Changes Include A New Default Console Font

There's more Fedora 22 changes now seeking approval for the first Fedora Linux release of 2015. One of the changes would be changing the default console font to one that better supports some languages along with smiley faces and some other glyphs for the terminal...

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