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Survey Indicates Four Out of Five Developers Now Use Open Source

Forrester Research's survey shows that most developers, even ones who usually stick with Microsoft Visual Studio, are now using open source.

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Spooky Linux Urban Legends

Sleep tight, kiddo… we've banished the boogie-man.

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Makulu Cinnamon Debian Edition: A Distribution You Could Use for Serious Work

More bells and whistles than a traveling circus, this is a completely over-the-top Linux distribution.

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Ubuntu Survey Results Show Unity, Heron’s and Dual-Boots Are Popular

OMG!Ubuntu!: One week and 15,000 responses later, the results of our Ubuntu at 10 Reader Survey are finally ready to serve up. And they make for some fascinating mid-morning coffee-break reading.

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First Jessie Based Debian Edu Alpha Released

The first alpha release of Debian Edu (also known as Skolelinux) is available for testing. "Would you like to give your school's computer a longer life? Are you tired of sneaker administration, running from computer to computer reinstalling the operating system? Would you like to administrate all the computers in...

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GtkInspector Now Supports Dealing With Multiple Back-Ends For GTK

Matthias Clasen did some weekend hacking to allow GtkInspector to work across different display connections, e.g. debugging a GTK application running in Wayland while GtkInspector is running under X11 or the HTML5 Broadway back-end...

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