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Mint 17.2​: The Year's Best Linux Desktop

Windows 10? Eh. OS X El Capitan? It's OK I guess. Just give me the latest and greatest Linux desktop from Mint and I'll be happy.

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Black Lab Linux Xfce 15.7 Is a Light and Different OS

Black Lab Linux, a distribution based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and using the Xfce desktop environment, has been upgraded to version 2015.7 and is now ready for download. The Black Lab Linux distro is mostly known for its GNOME desktop, but developers have a host of other supported environments like...

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North Korea's Red Star Linux Inserts Sneaky Serial Content Tracker

ERNW security analyst Florian Grunow says North Korea's Red Star Linux operating system is tracking users by tagging content with unique hidden tags.…...

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Kernel Prepatch 4.2-rc3

The third 4.2 kernel prepatch is out for testing. Linus says: "Normal Sunday release schedule, and a fairly normal rc release. There was some fallout from the x86 FPU cleanups, but that only hit CPU's with the xsaves instruction, and it should be all good now."...

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Watch: Linus Torvalds Has His Name Written on a T-33 Fighter Jet Aircraft

We reported a few days ago a very interesting and awesome fact about the creator of the Linux kernel, Mr. Linus Torvalds, who, apparently, loves to go Zero-G in a T-33 fighter jet aircraft to relax in between kernel pulls, besides going scuba diving. The breathtaking information was revealed by...

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New Vivaldi Web Browser Snapshot Brings a Chromeless User Interface Mode

The Vivaldi developers were happy to announce recently that a new snapshot release, version, is available for download and testing introducing new attractive features, such as a new mode that has no user interface at all. According to the release notes, Vivaldi Snapshot follows on the steps of...

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