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2014 Linux Security Summit Schedule Published

James Morris has a blog post announcing that the schedule for this year's Linux Security Summit (LSS) is now available. It starts with a keynote from James Bottomley of Parallels, then there are seven refereed talks, as well as other sessions: "Discussion session topics include Trusted Kernel Lock-down Patch Series,...

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How to Use Public PCs Safely With Linux

Public PCs aren't safe, so what's a PC user to do? Carry a Linux distribution on a USB stick in their backpocket of course!

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Microsoft-SUSE Alliance Delivers Linux and Windows Interoperability to More Than 1,000 Customers

As thousands of our partners gather in Washington D.C. for Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 this week, Microsoft will illustrate how openness translates into partner opportunity, including how Microsoft and open source solutions can work together. We’ve been fortunate to be on this openness path with SUSE – a 20-year veteran in...

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Only a Few Days Old, OpenSSL Fork LibreSSL is Declared “Unsafe for Linux”

The first release of OpenSSL alternative LibreSSL is out, and already a researcher says he has found a "catastrophic failure" in the version for Linux. 

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A Feisty Linux Company That Wants to Take on Android

Canonical is a 650-employee software company best known for its version of the Linux operating system. Now its rich-and-famous, daredevil founder, Mark Shuttleworth, is trying to re-create Canonical into the next Apple, knocking Google Android out along the way.

Shuttleworth made his money in 1999 when he sold his first company, Thawte, to VeriSign for a reported $570 million. He gained worldwide fame 2002 when he paid to fly into space with the Russian cosmonauts. (Rumor is, it cost him $20 million.)

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Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Announced Next Month

The Khronos Group has shared details about their BoF sessions to be hosted next month during SIGGRAPH and it includes detailing the next-generation OpenGL / OpenGL ES specifications...

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