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'Let's Encrypt' Free Encryption Project Issues First SSL/TLS Certificate

A project that aims to increase the use of encryption by giving away free SSL/TLS certificates has issued its first one, marking the start of its beta program.

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India Wants to Replace Windows With the Debian-Based BOSS

The Indian government is working on its operating system named BOSS, and it's planning on ditching any kind of Microsoft-related application. India is not the first country out there that wants to stop being dependent on Windows or other Microsoft products.

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Google, Twitter Forge Open Source Publishing Partnership

Google and Twitter reportedly are collaborating on an open source project that focuses on helping publishers bring instant articles to mobile phone subscribers. Facebook launched its Instant Articles feature earlier this year. 

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Debian 8 Comes to Creator Ci20

We’re delighted to announce that after several months of work, a Debian 8 release candidate is finally ready for the Creator Ci20 microcomputer. 

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Intel Launches Automotive Security Board to Tackle Connected Car Security Risks

Intel has announced the launch of the Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB) to mitigate future cybersecurity risks to vehicles and drivers. It is hoped the review board will prompt the inclusion of better defenses in today's connected vehicles.

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Distribution Release: Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0

Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0 has been released. Parsix is a desktop Linux distribution based on the latest stable Debian release, but shipping with the latest stable GNOME build. 

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