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XFS & Btrfs For Linux 3.16 Bring New Features

While EXT4 didn't see any exciting changes for the Linux 3.16 merge window, the XFS and Btrfs file-systems are continuing to receive a great deal of upstream improvements...

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Will Linux Ever Be Regarded as an Equal to Windows and Consoles at E3?

Linux is slowly becoming a gaming alternative, but it's still a long way from consoles and Windows...

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There's Already Talk Of Fedora 21 Being Delayed

Fedora 20 was released last December and the Fedora 21 schedule puts the next release as no earlier than mid-October, but there's already a call for delaying this next version of Fedora Linux...

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Which Country has the World's Best Coders? There's an Axe for That

The first world coding championships have been held in Finland, with the winning team collecting thousands of euros - and an axe.

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CMake 3.0 Released

Version 3.0 of the CMake build system is now available with various improvements over CMake 2.x...

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What is a Good Text Editor on Linux

Want to launch a heated debate among Linux aficionados? Ask them what is their favorite text editor. 

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