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Linux 3.16.y.z Extended Stable Support

The Ubuntu kernel team has announced that they will be providing extended support for the 3.16 kernel series. The team will pick up where Greg Kroah-Hartman left off, with 3.16.7, and will provide support until April 2016.

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Microsoft 'Loves' Linux? Then Stop Attacking Open Source

If Microsoft wants to show it is a member of the Linux community worthy of respect, it will take more than smiles and pink hearts.

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Fedora 21 Beta To Be Released Next Week

While Fedora 21 Beta was delayed, today it received the go ahead to be released next week Tuesday...

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Stable Kernels 3.17.2, 3.16.7, 3.14.23, and 3.10.59

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of four new stable kernels.

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Windows 8.1 vs. Ubuntu 14.10 With Intel HD Graphics

For those curious how the latest open-source Intel Linux graphics driver is performing against Intel's newest closed-source Windows OpenGL driver, we've put Ubuntu 14.10 (including a second run with the latest Linux kernel / Mesa) against Microsoft Windows 8.1 with the newest Intel GPU driver released earlier this month.

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GNOME 3.15.1 Released

The first development snapshot for the GNOME 3.15 cycle is now available, which will end up being GNOME 3.16 come next March...

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