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Joyent Offers Linux Branded Zones, Extends Docker Engine as Container Service

Joyent, Inc., which has billed itself in several different ways over the years is now billing itself as "the container infrastructure company." The company is actually making a lot of smart moves. In November I reported on how Joyent has announced that it is open sourcing its core technology. Joyent's platform can compete with OpenStack and other cloud offerings, and facilitates efficienet use of container technologies like Docker. This week, the company has announced two new open source initiatives and the general availability of a container service in the Joyent Public Cloud to accelerate the adoption of application containers in the enterprise. Here are more details. Docker application containers are grabbing headlines everywhere and overhauling how data centers operate. Joyent maintains, though, that there remain limitations in the areas of security, virtual networking and persistence that present challenges for enterprises looking to deploy Docker in support of production applications. The open source initiatives Joyent is announcing, Linux Branded Zones (LXz) and the extension of Docker Engine to SmartDataCenter, are targeted to "deliver proven,...

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EXT4 In Linux 3.19 Brings Lots Of Bug Fixes

Ted Ts'o has sent in the EXT4 file-system changes for the Linux 3.19 kernel merge window...

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Linux Ruled 2014, Codenames, and Steam Linux Sales

There were lots of interesting tidbits in today's Linux feeds. Silviu Stahie wonders if Linux's advancements in 2014 were enough to finally declare it the "year of Linux." Elsewhere, Larry Cafiero laments Fedora's decision to forgo codenames and Kevin Fenzi explains what happened to Fedora servers yesterday after release. Jack M. Germain reviews How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know and GOL explains how Steam computes Linux sales. Today in Linux news Silviu Stahie from today wrote that Linux made a lot of progress in 2014, but was it enough to declare it the year of Linux on the desktop? That phrase has been used so many times by now that it's lost its effectiveness. But what is the criteria and who decides the winner? Nevertheless, Stahie says that with...

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Fedora 21 Linux Distro Tuned for Desktop, Server, Cloud

Instead of a single monolithic release that can be tailored for multiple use cases, Fedora 21 offers three distinct products for specific deployments.

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Ubuntu Team Launches Snappy Ubuntu Core for Container, Cloud Deployments

With container farms as the targets, the Ubuntu team is out with a new “snappy” version of Ubuntu Core. This minimalist take on Ubuntu can also serve Docker deployments and platform-as-a-service environments. 

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6-Way Winter 2014 Linux Distribution Comparison

With this week's launch of Fedora 21, here's a performance comparison of the new Fedora Linux release compared to the Arch-based Antergos rolling-release distribution, Debian GNU/Linux Jessie, openSUSE Tumbleweed, CentOS Linux 7, and Ubuntu 14.10.

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